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Bylaws (page 1)

Including amendments adopted July 15, 2003 and amended April 15, 2007

Article I
Name and Purp

  1. Name
    The name of this organization shall be the Democratic Party of Coos County, herein refered to as "Central Committee."

  2. Purpose
    The purpose shall be to:
    1. Elect Democratic candidates.
    2. Promote the interests of the Democratic Party in Coos County.
    3. Represent the Democratic Party with the Democratic party of Oregon.
    4. Encourage and assist young people to participate in the Democratic Party.

Article II

  1. Authority and Rules
    The Democratic Party of Coos County shall have the power at their meetings to conduct business and shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.

  2. Governing Body
    The Central Committee shall be the governing body of the party.

Article III
Democratic Central Committee

  1. Membership
    The membership pf the Central Committee shall be composed of:
    1. Those Precinct Committee Persons elected in the Primary election preceding the general election.
    2. Those Precinct Committee Persons elected in by the Central Committee in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes and these bylaws.
    3. All Democrats elected to partisan office within Coos County.
    4. The Democratic Party's elected nominees within Coos County.
    5. Any elected officer of the Central Committee.
    6. Delegates and Alternatives to the State Central and Fourth Congressional District Committees.
  2. Vacancies
    1. The committee may elect a person as a Precinct Committee Person who is a registered Democrat and whose precinct residency qualifies by law.
    2. Such a person's name shall be submitted to the Central Committee and elected no sooner than the next regularly scheduled