Coos County Democrats
Coos County Democrats
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Passion & Dilligence

About Us

Welcome to the Democratic Party of Coos County!

The Coos County Democrats are dedicated to:

*Recruiting and Electing Democratic Candidates
*Promoting the Interests of Democratic Party in Coos County
*Representing Coos County to the Democratic Party of Oregon
*Assisting People in Participating in the Democratic Party
*Registering New Democratic Voters.


We Believe:

*All Workers Deserve a Fair Share of the American Dream
*Health Care is a Basic Human Right
*Public Education is the Foundation of a Functioning Democracy
*Sound Tax Policy Reflects Economic Justice
*Good Governance Requires Transparency, Compromise, and Due Diligence
*A Healthy, Clean, Sustainable Environment Promotes a High Quality of Life
*Our Responsibilities as Citizens Extend Beyond Our State and National Borders
*There is no Justice For One without Justice For All.

No problem faced by our county, our state, our country or our world is unsolvable when we all work together. We hope to meet you soon!

Read our By-Laws here. Contact us here.

Executive Board



Maurene Ann "Mo" Aakre

Over the years, Mo has served the Coos County Democrats as Vice Chair, Chair, and Governor.  Mo is employed in Workforce at South Coast Business Employment Corporation and a member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Coos Bay.  Her hobbies include nutrition, exercise, hiking and running. 



vice chair

Dede Murphy

Dede spent her childhood traveling around the U.S. and overseas with her military family. Eventually they returned to Oregon, where she graduated from South Umpqua High School and attended Merritt Davis Business College in Eugene to become a legal secretary.  After working at several law offices, Dede answered an ad in the paper for the Coos County Clerk’s office where she was hired on the spot. She spent time in the Recording Office, the Elections Office, the Court Clerks, and the Accounting Departments, eventually landing in the Elections Office for 15 years before retiring in July 2017.

Dede’s desire to get involved in the Democratic party started when a good friend ran for State Representative in 1984. She actively worked on his campaign and became thoroughly involved in the whole process.  She decided to work in the local Democratic party to work for her political beliefs and not leave it to someone else.  Dede wanted to do what she could to have her voice heard and she encourages every Democrat to do the same. 



Paula Dow

(Coming soon.)




Al Solomon

(Coming soon.)




Mark McKelvey

When George W. Bush won the Presidency in 2001, Mark decided it was time to get active with the Coos County Democrats. Over the years Mark has served as a Precinct Committee Person; Delegate to the 4th Congressional District, State Central Committee, and DPO Platform Convention; and Coos County Democrats Secretary, Vice-Chair, Chair, and Governor. For a time he also hosted "The Mark McKelvey Show," a radio program about local politics, and wrote for the Advocate newspaper.

During the day, Mark teaches the GED program at Coos Bay's Harding Learning Center. He also serves as the Board Chair for Oregon Coast Community Action. Mark believes participation in politics is the highest calling of citizenship, and organizing through the Democratic Party is the best way to create a "more perfect union" for all Americans.


4th Congressional District Delegates

Bob Hundhausen
Richard Kuznitsky
Dede Murphy
Mark Daily (Alternate)
Paula Dow (Alternate)
Eldon Rollins (Alternate)

State Central Committee Delegates

Mark McKelvey
Amanda Rudd
Shannon Souza
Maureen (Mo) Aakre (Alternate)
Steven Daily (Alternate)
Sam Schwarz (Alternate)