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There They Go Again

by Richard Kuznitsky, Coos County Democrats 4th Congressional District Delegate
(originally submitted to The World as a letter to the editor, published October 12, 2017 - reposted with permission)

To paraphrase the revered Ronnie Reagan, "There they go again."

The Republican "tax plan" is really a tax cut for the rich, the very wealthy, the extremely very wealthy, and the wealthiest corporations. These tax cuts allow them to avoid paying their fair share for the maintenance of the infrastructure, schools, fire departments, police departments, and the government institutions including the courts that make it possible for them to accumulate all their wealth. The Republican President and his billionaire and millionaire cabinet will benefit in the tens of millions while the rest might gain a couple thousand but more likely merely hundreds.

The Republicans tell us that these tax cuts will stimulate the economy and create economic growth. This has NEVER been true any of the other times they have tried it. The Republicans tell us that these tax cuts will benefit the working people that create all the wealth. This has NEVER been true. If you doubt my doubting, see what happened in Kansas when they tried this "tax plan."

The extremely wealthiest of us have billions of dollars that they are not now investing, What makes you think that allowing them to accumulate more wealth will benefit our country? How will these tax cuts enhance the well being of those of us out here that are creating the wealth and making this a great country?

Think about it and let our Senators and Congressman know what you think...

Jen Shafer