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Vote 'Yes' on Ballot Measure 101 in January

A message from the Democratic Party of Oregon's Chair, Jeanne Atkins...

"Late last week our State Central Committee unanimously endorsed a resolution in support of Measure 101, Yes for Healthcare. Rather than wait until our next official gathering of party officials in November, we called for this emergency vote so we could throw our support behind this campaign to keep affordable health care for 95 percent of Oregonians -- including all kids in our state. This measure will appear on the ballot for a statewide vote on January 23rd, 2018.

Ballot Measure 101 will ask voters to support the healthcare plan developed by healthcare experts and advocates throughout Oregon, businesses and unions, hospitals, the AARP, and patient advocates. The plan ensures that 95 percent of Oregonians maintain access to healthcare and reduces premiums for those who buy their own coverage.

On Monday, the Oregon Elections Division confirmed that Ballot Measure 101 qualified for the January election. I’m glad we took swift action. If this measure fails, cuts to health care and critical services will be devastating. Stay tuned for more information and, in the meantime, remember a 'yes' vote will protect Healthcare for Oregonians."

Jeanne Atkins
Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon

The complete Democratic Party of Oregon resolution reads as below:

(Note: Referendum 301 will be listed as Ballot Measure 101 on the January 23, 2018 ballot)

Resolution 2017-015: In Support of Oregon’s Healthcare Protections Bill

Whereas the 2017 Oregon Legislature passed the bipartisan Healthcare Protections Bill (HB 2391); and

Whereas the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) Platform supports basic healthcare as a human right; and

Whereas 95% of Oregonians and 100% of children currently have access to healthcare in large part because of Medicaid Expansion; and

Whereas the bipartisan Healthcare Protections Bill provides funding to maintain healthcare expansion and obtain matching federal funds; and

Whereas provider assessments are used by 49 states to fund Medicaid, and have the support of healthcare providers and insurers throughout Oregon; and

Whereas without the Healthcare Protections Bill, Oregon could lose up to $320 million in state revenue, and more than $1.3 billion in federal revenue for providing healthcare, resulting in upwards of 350,000 low-income and working Oregonians losing their healthcare; and

Whereas Republican- and extremist-backed efforts have succeeded in qualifying a Referendum vote on major parts of the Healthcare Protections Bill for a January 2018 Special Election; and

Whereas a YES vote on the Referendum will affirm support for the Healthcare Protections Bill; be it therefore

Resolved that the Democratic Party of Oregon strongly endorses a YES vote on Referendum 301 on January 23, 2018.

(Note: Referendum 301 will be listed as Ballot Measure 101 on the January 23, 2018 ballot)