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Congress Should Work Together

by Dave Tilton
(originally submitted to The World as a letter to the editor, published November 11, 2017 - reposted with permission)

In my most recent letter to the editor on April 8 of this year, I noted that at the time I thought that Trumpcare was dead and came up with some ideas that I thought would help improve Obamacare, and suggested that the Republicans work with the Democrats to enact some of those ideas. One of which was allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices with the drug companies.

Unfortunately, that was apparently beyond the Senate Republicans, and they returned with another Trumpcare plan which would have thrown millions of Americans off of the expanded Medicaid program, including, in our state, the Oregon Health Plan. Fortunately, a few Republicans balked, and that plan failed as well. Thank God for Senator John McCain.

Briefly there was a light at the end of the tunnel when Democratic Senator Patty Murray and Republican Senator Lamarr Alexander started working on a bipartisan plan to improve Obamacare. Unfortunately, once again, our president decided to sabotage Obamacare from within which if successful will cost millions of Americans their health care, or at the very least cause their premiums to skyrocket. To be frankly honest, President Trump's actions are vile and disgusting.

Our local providers such as Bay Area Hospital, North Bend Medical Center and the Bay Clinic as doing better under Obamacare then they were before Obamacare. If thousands of Oregonians are kicked off their health care, our local medical providers will still have to provide the service. However, they will not be paid, and that will cause all of our rates to rise.

I would urge President Trump, as well as the Republicans in Congress, to get to work with the Democrats and improve Obamacare. If they don't, our only choice will be to make sure that there are as few Republicans as possible remaining in office after the 2018 elections.