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Old Fears Return

by Sharon Ramirez
(originally submitted to The World as a letter to the editor, published December 14, 2017 - reposted with permission)

I’m old enough to remember Pearl Harbor, described by President Roosevelt as “a day which will live in infamy.” I spent the next few years terrified that the enemy would kill my soldier father and uncles. I feared the enemy would attack the U.S. mainland. Thankfully, my relatives survived, though wounded, but I will never forget the agony of those war years. Only the soothing voice of President Roosevelt during his fireside chats could calm my fears. He was a remarkably dignified man who never complained about being confined to a wheelchair.

Since then, I’ve experienced many presidents; some good, some not so good, but I never felt as agonized for the safety of our country until Trump’s election ushered in another “day of infamy.” Since January, I have awakened each day with the same sense of impending doom I experienced during World War II.

It’s obvious that current White House inhabitants care nothing about what happens to the majority of Americans. The White House motto: Ask not what you can do for your country but how much you can steal from your country. Corporate Welfare that robs the middle and lower classes is the White House goal in the guise of tax reform that helps only the wealthy.

This president, who dishonestly takes credit for a thriving economy spearheaded by former president Obama, lies so much that few Americans believe anything he says. He lacks dignity and integrity and isn’t fit to carry the water of any man or woman in our armed services. His ugly verbal attacks on those who disagree with him add to the divisiveness of our country, as does his support of white supremacists.

Donald Trump represents everything opposite the values with which I was raised in the Midwest. We worked hard, believed in education, treated others with respect, and honored the dignity of the individual. We were loyal to our country, and we took responsibility for our actions instead of blaming others for our own failures. And we certainly didn’t lie or plot to betray our country during secret meetings with foreign governments.

Sadly, it’s obvious that Trump’s TV set is wider than his bookshelf. It’s a miracle we have survived this year of infamy led by a barely literate angry male with a 50-word, one-syllable vocabulary. A popular Star War’s character might have said, “To the dark side he went long ago.