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Winter 2017 "Priorities" Survey Results

Back in December we invited folks on our email list and followers of our Facebook page to complete a brief "priorities" survey. Participants were asked to prioritize the Democratic Party of Oregon's 2016 nine Platform articles, explain why they chose a specific article as their top priority, and offer suggestions to the Coos County Democrats and Democratic Party of Oregon leadership.

The survey was made available to over 375 people and we had 30 responses. Here's a summary of the results.

Most survey respondents were registered Democrats. About 70% were female, 76% were at least 50 years old, and about 2/3 reported participating in Coos County Democrats activities.

Respondents' top-ranking articles:
1. Health, Basic Needs, and Human Rights - "Without a healthy population, nothing else works."
2. Transportation, Energy, and the Environment (note: there are several big components of this article; verbatim comments focused mostly on the Environmental component) - "If we fail to protect the environment, none of the rest of all the other platforms matters."
3. Education - "With education we can solve the other problems, but not vice versa..."

NOTE: A paper version of this survey was distributed to folks who stopped by the Coos County Democrats booth at the Blackberry Arts Festival and Bay Area Fun Festival last summer. About 25 people completed that anonymous paper survey. Top-ranking articles were Health, Basic Needs, and Human Rights (#1), Transportation, Energy, and the Environment (#2), and Education (tied with Jobs, Business, and Labor at #3)... So, priorities across both surveys were consistent.

What actions/activities would you like to see the Coos County Democrats sponsor?
Key themes in respondents' answers were:

  • Visibility - rallies, protests, letters to the editor, downtown office, co-sponsoring events with like-minded organizations, neighbor-to-neighbor outreach, social activities, meet-and-greets
  • Education - community civics classes, fact-checking classes, sharing local-level information in an approachable easy-to-digest way, listening to voters to inform ourselves of their needs, neighbor-to-neighbor outreach
  • Fundraising - for candidates specifically, using speaker series events as a fundraising tool
  • Youth - in general and specifically for LGBTQ youth
  • Supporting specific issues/candidates - opposing LNG, supporting more progressive candidates, having a greater presence around community issues like homelessness

If you could send a message to the DPO leadership, what would that message be?
Key themes in respondents' answers were:

  • Clear, concise messaging - about the Platform in general, for rural Oregon specifically, for the people overall
  • Listening to rural Oregon
  • Listening to and working with all sides

Other themes included:

  • Conflicting messages - some said "don't go too far to the left!" ... others said "be more progressive!"
  • Taking progressive stances on specific policies, e.g. Jordan Cove, universal healthcare, gun policy
  • And one person requested Trump's impeachment

There were some positive messages for the DPO too...

  • "Hang tough!"
  • "Stay strong!"
  • "Stay positive!"

Next steps from the survey:

  • Sharing results with you, with the DPO/State CCD/4th CCD, and with local representatives
  • Incorporating feedback into planning - 2018 goals for the Coos County Democrats already include being more visible, funding campaigns, securing visible meeting spaces and 2018 campaign HQs, engaging unaffiliated voters, and addressing District 1 needs

Huge thanks to everyone who completed a paper or online survey over the last several months. This is a great starting point for the conversations to come...