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Coos County Democrats approve 'Clean Energy Jobs' Resolution

On Tuesday, Janary 23, 2018, voting members of the Coos County Democrats unanimously supported two important documents presented by Shannon Souza, State Central Committee Delegate.

One was a proposed resolution which endorses the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (CEJB - listed as SB1070 in 2017); encourages Democratic Party Central Committees across the state similarly to endorse CEJB; encourages county Committees across the state to contact their reps to encourage them to become sponsors for CEJB in 2018 and commit to passage of CEJB as a matter of urgency and high priority for the 2018 legislative session; and encourages the Oregon Congressional District 2 Democratic Party Committee and the Democratic Party of Oregon to endorse CEJB. Click here to read the newly-approved Clean Energy Jobs resolution.

The second document presented was a declaration of support for the Paris Climate Accord and the Clean Energy Jobs bill that has been signed by numerous civic leaders throughout Oregon. Shannon asked the Coos County Democrats to present the declaration of support to their elected civic leaders and urge them to sign on. Click here to read the declaration of support.

As noted in the prior "Winter 2017 'Priorities' Survey Results" blog post, the environment is a big priority for Coos County Democrats. Huge thanks to Shannon for all of her hard work around this issue!