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Draft 2018 DPO Platform and Legislative Action Items available for review!

The DPO's draft 2018 Platform and Legislative Action Items are now available in prep for the Platform Convention next month. For those who don't know, the DPO Platform is a guide to the principles and positions by which the members of the Democratic Party of Oregon intend to fulfill their commitment of a better future for the present generation and generations to come. The Legislative Action Items are concrete actions to support the Platform. 

We urge you to review these drafts and share your input! Click here to review the 2018 Draft Platform. Click here to review the 2018 Draft Legislative Action Items.

Delegates from the Coos County Democratic Party will attend the Platform Convention meeting in March, and many of these delegates will be at the President's Day celebration on Monday where the draft Platform will be posted around the room for your review. The Platform Convention delegates would love to hear your feedback on the DPO's draft Platform, so please plan to attend Monday's event and share your thoughts. (Click here for event information - it promises to be entertaining and informative!) 

Other options for sharing your feedback on the drafts:
- Leave a comment below
- Contact us with your feedback and we'll make sure it gets to the delegates
- Post a comment on the Facebook links (see for posts about both drafts)

This is democracy in action, folks - let your voice be heard!