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Letter Criticism Untrue

by Sharon Ramirez
(originally submitted to The World as a letter to the editor, published February 5, 2018 - reposted with permission)

Phil Shellabarger’s Jan. 31 letter accused me of calling him a racist. That is not true.

First of all, I have never met Mr. Shellabarger, and secondly, I would never say something like that without proof. He also stated I said that all gun owners were unpatriotic. That also is a lie. I keep copies of all my letters to the editor, and I’ve never made that statement. I do believe that the NRA and its lobbyists care only about the money involved in armament manufacturing. I also have proposed insurance for gun owners similar to the requirements for auto insurance. The NRA and its Republican supporters are obviously more interested in money than in keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable, which is definitely not putting America’s interest ahead of their own private agendas of wealth.

Perhaps Shellabarger feels it is okay for him to bully and lie because of the example set by President Trump. America is so much more than just jobs, jobs, jobs. Our country has been a beacon of hope throughout the world, a nation that used to garner international respect for our democratic values. But now the lack of moral and ethical leadership in the White House sends a strong message that money and power are more important than spiritual and religious values, or integrity, or our environment. What a poor example for our young folks, not to mention how difficult it is to teach them the differences between right and wrong. And no wonder there’s a new version of Monopoly, one of America’s oldest and most loved games. I wonder if Hasbro’s cheaters edition of Monopoly was coincidence or purposeful irony?

Mr. Shellabarger should give some credit to President Trump’s predecessor regarding our growing economy. I do agree with him that our economy is doing fine so far under President Trump, and I hope it continues. But Mr. Shellabarger needs to remember that ignorance and lies threaten our Democracy as much as any external enemy. Despite his hyperboles such as “Trump has done more for this country than any Democrat has ever done,” I can only hope that Mr. Shellabarger wishes only the best for our country as much as I do.