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The Dichotomy of Two Presidents

by Richard Kuznitsky, Coos County Democrats 4th Congressional District Delegate
(originally submitted to The World as a letter to the editor, published January 31, 2018 - reposted with permission)

A January 9 letter in the paper is critical and disparaging of the Republican president's character and fitness for office. The letter elicited a number of responses, and a number of these responses contrasted the Republican presidents character to that of President Obama's. Well ...

It is well known and documented that our Republican president cheated many small businessmen and contractors out of the money he owned them. How many people did Obama cheat?

Our Republican president defrauded thousands of people trying to improve their lives with his fake university. How many people people did Obama defraud?

Our Republican president openly ridiculed and defamed and derided people with disabilities, had lost children in our wars or were simply of another race of ethnicity. How many times did Obama do this?

Our Republican president fathered two children out of wedlock while married to other women. How many times did Obama do this?

Our Republican president has told hundreds of provable, documented lies in just his first year in office. How many such lies did Obama tell in his entire eight years at president?

All dictators, autocrats and anti-democratic leaders attack a free press, as our Republican president is continually doing. While he received much criticism in the press, Obama never attacked its importance and sanctity in a free country.

While our Republican president likes to talk about jobs and helping our fellow citizens make a living, all his brand name products are manufactured overseas in slave like conditions. How many overseas workers has Obama exploited?

Competence? Our Republican president bankrupted three casinos and bragged about making money while doing so. How many bankruptcies has Obama filed?

I can go on and on, but if view these two men without looking through race-tinted glasses, well you decide who has a character that you would approve of, who has "morals, ethics, or values".

One of the responses says, "every other president was allowed to serve their country". The Republican leaders had a meeting on the night of Obama's inauguration and vowed to prevent him from being successful. They brag about it. They were vowing to prevent our president from solving our nation's problems. How's that for patriotism.

I too offer no apology for my opinion. My opinion is based on the facts I have presented, and many many more that there isn't room for.